The private firm Manfred Irl fiber optics was created 1997 and renamed to 01.01.2000 into the company NTI Netzwerktechnik Irl GmbH. The company NTI GmbH is active throughout Germany within the sectors LWL and copper wiring and has the ability to offer different services; from the laying of cables or wiring up to the acceptance test. A special selling emphasis are network components. From the LWL cable to all active components in an advisory manner and we supply you, particularly also with large wirings.

Our LWL technicians implement splice work within the ranges single and multi-mode, as well as plug assemblies locally (fiber on the desk) in the different mounting techniques. Our copper assembly team transfers a wiring of Patchpanels and data outlets in the special connection technologies of all usual manufacturers, like for example AMP, Telegärtner, BTR, crown, Reichle & the ASS ASS, SKM, Siemens/Corning. Acceptance tests of copper or glass fiber distances are implemented of our technicians with the Omniscanner by Microtest and/or with the GN-Nettest OTDR's in the wavelengths 850, 1300, 1310 and 1550nm .

The range of services offeredby NTI GmbH covers also the project management, particularly since our works superintendent can show an experience of many years in this area. Our ambition is directed to settle our work professional and in due time.



  • Government of Middle Franconia, Ansbach: Job wiring
  • University of the German Federal Armed Forces, Neubiberg: Plug assemblies in adhesion method
  • DEA, Wesseling: Backbone net of the refinery
  • Bavarian State library: Data outlets in adhesion method, fusion fusion splices in HV/UV
  • Allianz, Munich: Backbone net
  • Tax Authority Memmingen: Job wiring
  • Dynamit Nobel, Weissenburg: Backbone net
  • Bavaria Film, Munich: Fibre Optic Wiring of the Fire Alarm System
  • Competence center Straubing: Job wiring RJ45
  • Generali Insurance Company, Nuremberg: Job wiring RJ45
  • STRABAG AG, Southern Germany: Job wiring RJ45
  • ILF Munich: Job wiring RJ45
  • Clinical Centre Kempten:Job wiring RJ45
  • District hospital Wolfratshausen: Job wiring RJ45
  • Water Resources Board Ingolstadt: Job wiring RJ45



We Also Offer All Related Services …

In addition to our wide product range, consisting in active and passive network components, we can offer our customers all related services. These services include:

  • Consulting and project engineering
  • Expertises and measurements
  • Cable installations (fibre optic, RJ45)

We can do the planning of your complete fibre optic net, installation and connection, as well as consulting and servicing. We will effect all the works in the most professional, timely and clean way. Test us! We are looking forward to your visit or your call.

If you wish to get further information or fix a consulting appointment on your premises, we kindly ask you to use our online-service "requests" that we offer you. Here we will promptly reply to your requests and provide you with the desired information.

Consultation & project engeneering

Do you do plan a new building on the green meadow or have to accomplish a complete ReDesign? We can support you thereby! With an inventory analysis with consideration of the economic criteria of the customer and a close co-operation with the client the requirements to the data network, which can be installed, are formulated.

Main criteria here are:

LWL Verteilerschrank mit Baugruppenträgern und aktiven Komponenten (Rückansicht)

  • State of the art
  • Qualitatively high-quality products
  • Adapted security
  • Small service expenditure
  • Consideration of standards
  • Achievement of high data transfer rates
  • Modularity/expandableness

Important questions, like remote integration over ISDN, integration of the telephone connections in the data network, EDP-fair current supply, grounding and fire load computations find consideration in our planning.

The analysis of the requirements and an accurate planning are therefore of crucial importance, in order to be able to recommend to you a future-safe and profitable investment. As result of planning the concept stands - a structure of the active network products with the appropriate components and the decision for a wiring system.

Expertises and Measurements

Measurement of copper cable wiringAny problems with your existing network? We can check your wiring and eliminate possible disturbances. Simply contact our competent technical staff. After each installation we carry out a routine measurement of all connections (copper and fibre optic cables) in accordance with the valid standards and these measurements will be incorporated in the documentation. All copper connections are to be measured according to EN 70173 with the following parameters:

Class D (to 100MHz):

  • Wire Map incl. Screen
  • Length
  • Running time
  • Resistance
  • Impedance
  • Absorption
  • Next
  • ACR
  • RL

for Class E ( up to 250MHz) the following measurements are additionally required:


In case of glass fibre connections reflectometer and absorption measurements are required. These can be effected in the optical windows (850/1300 nm and 1310/1550 nm). By means of the OTDRs from Nettest and the respective modules we can effect all the required measurements for fibre types Monomode 9µm and Multimode 50 or 62.5 µm respectively.


Cable Installations

wired work roomOur mechanics are all qualified in data network wiring according to the current wiring and installation standards. They will carry out all installation works in your offices with the least possible impairment of your office routine. Assemblies can be carried out all over Germany.
After each installation we perform a routine measurement of all connections (copper and fibre optic cables) in accordance with the valid standards and these measurements will be incorporated in the documentation .

Should you have networks with other topologies as e.g. Bus (KOAX RG58, Thinwire Ethernet or Thickwire Ethernet) or Token Ring, we can also upgrade these systems or consult you on the conversion to a structured wiring system. NTI is a certified and authorized supplier of various wiring systems, for example:

  • 3M Volition VF45
  • R&M freenet

Also if you think that there might be an error in your existing network, we can check your wiring and eliminate possible disturbances. We can install any desired kind of wiring for you, especially the modern and popular Cat. 5 and Cat. 5e versions. We are looking forward to consulting you - feel free to contact us today.

Cable installations - LWL wiring

LWL wiringLWL connections realize high security, prevent disturbances of the net in production departments. They are building-spreading obligatory.

LWL-cables were used in former times mainly in the backbone range (connection of network knots among themselves) and for the binding of servers. By constantly rising requirements at networks (rising data rates, larger data sets) and Telephonie ("Voice stroke" over LWL, IP telephones are tied up with LWL connection etc.) wirings on pure LWL basis (fiber ton the desk) gain ever more significance.

They find a qualified partner in NTI for the setting up from LWL connections or whole LWL wirings. NTI has most modern devices for the processing (arc splice devices) and measurement (optical Reflektometer OTDR and absorption measuring instruments) of LWL. We supply cables, splice boxes, pigtails, patchcables and prefabricated breakout cables to all remarks - exactly co-ordinated with your needs. Of course we shift LWL cable, splices the LWL fibers for you also and install the splice boxes. Each splice accomplished by us is measured and logged by means of calibrated, optical measuring instrument (OTDR and/or absorption measurement).

A universal, structured building wiring consists of standardized cables and connections. The components after category 5/6 Class D and E, used by us, are applicable for open architecture. They are supported by data and language terminals of all manufacturers.

NTI constructs any kind of wiring, in particular the current versions Category 5 and Category 5e. If you have networks with other topologies like e.g. bus (Koax RG58, Thinwire Ethernet or Thickwire Ethernet) or token loop in uset, we extend also these and/or help you gladly in the case of the conversion to a structured wiring system.

After building a professional structure (set up distribution box, data cables, assembly connection components) all wirings are measured and logged with calibrated measuring instruments of considerable manufacturers, so that later changes or extensions can be simply accomplished. Subsequently, we install also the active network components for you like e.g. switches and stroke.


We can offer you a lot more than well-coordinated individual components. In addition to our product range in active and passive components we can also offer you numerous services. Our product range includes:LWL wiring

  • Data cables and - lines
  • Connection technology
  • System cabinets
  • Distributor technology TK
  • Active components
  • Passive components
  • Overvoltage protection devices
  • Measurement technology
  • USV systems
  • Tools for copper and fibre optic

The great variety of active and passive network products offered enables us to install a communication network which can guarantee a safe and reliant data transmission in compliance with possible future requirements, and which can also be well integrated into existing structures, always taking into consideration the existing data networks and the specific wishes and requirements of our customer. From fibre optic cables to all active components we consult you on and supply you with our products, even and especially in extensive wiring projects. Most cables and adapters can be delivered immediately from our stock or will be available at short notice.

Together with network wirings we can provide you with innovative system cabinets for your server and all network infrastructure. Our cabinets are suitable for all common servers. Thus High Tech is attractively integrated into 19-inch-technology.

In addition to the delivery of active and passive network components NTI will also supply most competent consulting, planning and professional installation. We gladly offer you our most competent and customer-oriented consulting services while working on your projects.

Active network components

LWL-Baugruppenträger mit SC duplex Anschlüssen
Stroke, switches and router from Cisco and 3Com have proven that it are efficient and scalable for future requirements. Because nothing grows as fast as your net. Within the range load balancing we use content switches of the companies Cisco, Foundry and TopLayer. Nearly each firm net grows up to a Extranet, the requirements at RAS servers is/will be present, as components appears Cisco and Bintec here. If we should care also for your dedicated lines, we will realize the increase of the throughput with the so-called WAN accelerator.

  • CiscoHubs, Switches, Router, Content Switches, Access Router
  • 3ComHubs, Switches, Router
  • FoundryContent Switches
  • Toplayer Content Switches
  • BintecAccess Router
  • Expand NetworksWAN-Accelerator

Passive Network Components

Passive Network ComponentsSo-called passive components like cables, plugs, patch panels or distribution cabinets are the actual backbone of your network. Here, in particular, the purchase decision for a cheap solution may not prove worthwhile, since these frequently tend to show problems and will entail high consecutive cost through troubleshooting and repairs.

High quality installations save money and secure a safe data transmission for decades. Future-oriented projecting and implementation are therefore crucial criteria for a safe network performance. In the field of passive components we set up an analysis on requirements and performances, do the planning on new acquisitions and upgradings and thus select the components most suitable for your needs.

At present we can supply our customers with high-quality passive components from the following ranges:

  • Data cables and -lines in fibre optic and copper
  • Plug systems, customized lines, patch cables
  • Accessories (adapters, extensions, outlets)
  • Measuring instruments, tools
  • Data distribution cabinets

Our competent staff will consult you on the selection of your products and will guarantee a timely delivery.


...the direct wire to NTI

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